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Italy is famously known as a Mediterranean country with its rich local gastronomy. It has diverse food and drink with stunning flavor, scent and aroma. The richness of its cuisine is originated from its history and its geography. Italian history shows that the country cuisine was influenced strongly by regions after the fall of the Roman Empire. Italy is divided into 20 regions, each has its own administration, dialect, and its own traditional food which is prepared in different way with its available local ingredients. Most commonly well-known food of Italy are pasta, pizza, cheese, olive, prosciutto, lasagna, tiramisu and others. However, each of them has a numerous types of recipe. Italian people are very proud of their origins. I remember the first time when I met two of my new floor mates in the kitchen at my dormitory. After we exchanged greetings and introduced our origin, my new friends started introducing their local specialties, one of them being olive oil. As you may know, Italy is one of  few countries in the world that produce and export high quality olive oil. They were starting making a contest to prove their local olive oil is the best. Each made me try olive oil that they brought from home and asked me for a judgement. It was very impressing me about Italian food in general and the way Italian people are proud of their products. Whenever I travel to a new city or province, the place always surprises me about their local food, ingredients, and cooking techniques. In general, Italian cuisine is well-known for its “simplicity”. Here, it is important to explain the word “simplicity”. It means many delicious Italian dishes are mainly prepared with a few ingredients. This style of cooking is one of the important principles to keep a dish fresh and well-maintain its original flavors from the ingredients. In this page, I would like to share with you some specialties from different provinces in Italy, from North to South. For more food reviews and recipes, please visit our blog. We hope you enjoy our stories about Italian food and wine, and share with us your favorite list.

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