When I was at high school, I mainly got inspired by teachers who taught me science subjects, and I did not look too much into foreign languages. I therefore found it more difficult to learn a new language. I studied a lot of grammar rules of English, my first foreign language at school, by heart without reaching the heart of the language.  One day, I read somewhere this Czech proverb: “You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” And that changed my life forever. I started to learn English and then other languages with a different approach and with curiosity about the way people express ideas and thoughts in their language and culture. In this way, studying a foreign language is no longer a boring subject with thousands of rules of grammar, but it is a gateway to explore the culture of another country.

As I learn a language, my life gets more excited with new culture, friends, and lifestyle in the countries that I visit. Among them, I found myself very fortunate to study and live in a beautiful country in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Italy.  That is also the place where I found many similarities in culture with my homeland, Vietnam. In this blog, I would like to bring you to a journey of learning these two languages, Vietnamese and Italian, in the view of their cultures, living styles and local gastronomy. Every single day living here, there are always new things for me to learn and to improve, and not just about languages. That is also the reason why we name this site SempreLearn. To spread our message: “Always learn new things everyday!”


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Scholarship, Visa, Stay Permit

Education system

In Italy, education system is divided into 5 stages, for children and students from 3 to 18 years of age. Read more…5

University Scholarship

Foreign students can apply for different training and degree programs with scholarship offered by Italian universities. Read more…

Visa for study

After getting admission to universities, foreign students need to apply for a visa  with the study purpose to enter Italy. They can ask for a visa at the Italian Embassy in their countries. Read more …

Stay permit

After arrival in Italy, it is mandatory for foreigh students to submit  stay permit to Questura in 8 working days. The application must send by post at the authorized Post Office. Read more …

Travelling in Italy

Top destinations

Local cuisine

Rifugio Antonio Locatelli




We try to share you our blog posts in three languages, namely English, Italian and Vietnamese so that our stories can reach many of you. If you find our stories useful, please help us to spread your experience with SempreLearn to your family and friends. We love to hear your feedback.

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SempreLearn is an educational page where you can find a variety of topics about culture, language and lifestyles in Italy and Vietnam.

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